Keyaki Street Jazz Festival 2023 JAZZinFUCHU




2023 JAZZ in FUCHU Event Information

1.   Schedule

October22 , 2023 (National Holiday) from 11 am through 8 pm
2.Organizer JAZZ in FUCHU Executive committee
3.Performance sites Fuchu Station Area,, Bubaigawara Station Area,Higasifuchuu  Station Area, Total 20 sites are scheduled
4.Admission Fee No charge (Cafe may require the drink order. Your donation is welcome.)
5.Performance style Street Jazz
6.Invitation of bands Period May: 1st through May 31nd
Number of bands : around 120
Conditions : To play minimum 1 jazz music, Players are selected by the judging committee.
Selected bands need to pay the performance fee.
7.Expected visitors around 35,000
8.   Schedule April to May : Invitation of players
June end : Selection of players
July :  Announcement of players’ name with their performing place and time


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